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You already have everything you need to navigate life's challenges and overcome obstacles. You've proven that! Doing what you do isn't easy. But now you are in the trenches, making big quick decisions, influencing the balance that impacting people's lives during their worst moments. This can come with huge pressure and immense stress. So, it is vital that you learn how to enhance your performance and boost your well-being, by leveraging that stress. In this session, you will explore the science of positive psychology in a highly interactive and practical way. Prepare to engage with your colleagues, building new bonds and connections in minutes, with lasting impact. These interventions will leave you walking away feeling energized and well-equipped with new insights and strength-based tools that support stress-management while building resiliency .


Participants will benefit from learning how to:


Re-frame Adversity & Re-define Stress

Re-cover & Re-charge their batteries

Re-align & Re-connect with Relationships


These evidence-based strategies will benefit your personal and professional life, enhancing your well-being, relationships and performance.

Speaker Bio


Sajel Bellon Ed.D, RP, CTSS, is a Behavioural Science Expert, Psychotherapist and the Founder of Mind Armour. As an international speaker, she has shared her insights on well-being and human connection on main stages, like TEDx and media platforms such as Global News.  She is a recognized academic, developing and delivering programs at world class institutions and government agencies around the world. Sajel specializes in cultivating the space and conditions for re-defining work-life experiences, re-connecting relationships,  and re-framing our conversations around mental health, suicide and its stigma. She is dedicated to minimizing the incidence of Occupational Stress Injuries (OSI), broken families and loss of life to suicide, by cultivating cultures of connection and resiliency. Sajel specializes in working with the first responder, military and other high-risk sectors that are more vulnerable to Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS), by building their competencies for Post Traumatic Growth (PTG).

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